Monday, 17 October 2011

Tue 18th Oct: No Days Off "Répondez "

I'm on a constant recruit to fill my studio block with friends in an attempt to turn it into a commune of like-minded creative crusadors with the most recent resident to take root - design house "No Days Off". When I visited on Friday they showed me their latest print Répondez which has been produced on the team's own exclusive ‘Hatred’ paper stock made by Two Rivers Paper in Somerset. The recycled 300gsm stock was formed out of the pulp from the unused stationery accumulated at their old studio and gathered in the move. It’s off-white with a variant fleck in – possibly pieces of previous business cards in the mix. Here are photos from the print process by James at Tru Forme during the run of creating the edition of 25. The other images are my studio snaps of their enviably organised and beautiful surroundings ......... including an impressive vinyl collection and odd xylophone paper weights ........

You can buy one of the prints at the No Days Off online shop:

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