Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sunday 29th July: ADIDAS All In 2012 customizers

Over the last year or so I have been wondering if I might get an opportunity to work on something for the Olympics.  Luckily a project has fallen at my feet to customise footwear for athletes taking part in the games.  Nine artists have been brought together by ADIDAS to take a residency in their arena at Stratford to apply their signature styles to the red sports shoes and transform 41 pairs in total.  Illustrators, graphic designers, fashion designers, and a photographer will be assigned a specialism during the seventeen day period.  Here we all are at our initial meet'n'greet on Monday when we had an introduction to the bespoke development process involved in creating each tailor made model.  I had my first day down at the customising suite yesterday, turning fencing shoes into a celebration of the World's eyes on London by patchworking flags into 3D ball fobbs (more info to follow).  Some shoes will be gifted to the competitors and others to collaborators on the games such as Stella McCartney who Im creating a special something for on Tuesday.  The remaining performance shoes are up for grabs in a competition to  open up the opportunity to the whole world of spectators so that a child in any country can win their own piece of the action.   Follow the facebook link to find out more on how you can enter for the chance to acquire your own artist editions by the likes of NOKI, Nasir Mazhar, Craig Green, Nash Money, Y'OH, Teds Draws, Ranks London, Michael Mayren...............

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