Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Weds Aug 1st: ADIDAS "All in" 2012 customizers - Ping Pong Table

In addition to the 10 customizers transforming trainers, we are also making a group artwork on the surface of a ping pong table.  The top has been divided up into days and we take it in turns to decorate an allotted space documenting the news from the various tournamonts as they unfold.  Here is Ted Pearce on the first day having just drawn his version of the Opening Ceremony complete with Red Arrows leaving vapour trails from the ADIDAS stripe!  And here are my underwater spots capturing the Olympic circle colours and day of swimming events.  Keep up to date with the calender as it progresses and find out how to enter a competition to win it over on the ADIDAS facebook page...........

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