Sunday, 30 December 2012

25th Dec: 2012 Review - Kerry Shaw, Gilded Birds

"For me the highlight of 2012 was seeing my friend, Thomas Adès, conduct his opera, the Tempest - at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. Contemporary opera can be hard to listen to - but even though the Tempest is incredibly complex musically, it's mesmerising and completely magical from start to finish. I wish I could have been to every performance. Here's my picture of the curtain call. The rapturous reception from the Met audience was really moving. If I look back through my iPhone at my pictures of the year, this one sums up Beauty for me."
Kerry Shaw, Gilded Birds

(I asked Kerry for an image of the most beautiful thing she saw or beautiful thing that happened to her in 2012 in specific relation to the subject matter of her "Gilded Birds" project where she investigates "a snapshot of contemporary ideals of beauty".  Keep up to date with the content of contributors via her Twitter)

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