Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sunday 30th Dec: 2012 Review - Me

To kick start (pun intended) the end of year review - here is my favourite moment of 2012 - training with Boiler Room Football Club.  Come rain or shine, it was the highlight of my week to switch off from everything for 90 mins, exorcising stress whilst literally exercising.  Ive never followed a football team, been to a match or enjoyed watching the World Cup..........Ive never even played before.  BUT now I've caught the bug and become a fully signed up member to the cause, with a skill to share with my nephews and niece.  As it goes (with no surprise) I'm pretty terrible, but its the taking part that counts.  That's the ethos of the BoilerRoom family and why they set up the women's division at the end of Spring.  
From starting my year on a NIKE trip to NYC in January and meeting Thristian (master of ceremonies at BoilerRoom) to rounding it off at their WHotel residency with TEED & Disclosure - and all the gigs inbetween like Micachu, Kwes, Horse Meat Disco, LCD Soundsystem and Carnival.......... its been a corker 365 days and I feel incredibly lucky to have had introduction to both dancing in sweaty small venues and getting sweaty on the pitch, getting to know a new network of lush London ladies and gents.
Big up everyone at BoilerRoomFC!  
(If you have little or no interest in sport, don't dismiss this irrelevant rant and take it as inspiration to discover your own team game this year as I can't recommend it high enough!)  

Read my report on the summer specatcle Fives tournament here.

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