Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Tuesday 1st January 2013: 2012 Review = Yunus & Eliza

"Being involved in the casting of the Queen's Jubilee boat figurehead was the cherry on top of an amazing year. It was essentially a huge piece of theatrical bling but there is a real sense of legacy in a project like that, and we used a lot of the same molding techniques as we use for our jewellery. We're starting 2013 in our new studio and are hyped about that and where we are going creatively."

Eliza of Yunus and Eliza Jewllery on their highlight of 2012 ................ keep track of their news coming up via Twitter and Facebook ......... and see collections on their site.

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April Sharman said...

Wow the images of the process look so interesting! Well done and enjoy your new studio! Happy New Year!