Friday, 12 December 2008

Fri 12th December: Glam Cult

Here is the result of the portrait shoot I did with Edmonds and Rodgers, commissioned by GlamCult Magazine.
The journalist Aynouk Tan spent a fun afternoon at the studio exploring my inner cosmos which was very refreshing compared the usual email questionnaires. In equal attention to detail, Kate and makeup artist Valeria spent a separate day getting me to not be so shy and crack a little smile for the camera to come up with a ridiculously colourful collection of shots. I'm so pleased with the outcome which was a final chance to shoot my A/W pieces and see them so saturated in zingy hue.
The Dutch Independent style magazine is a large format paper which also has music articles on Grace Jones, Micachu, Black Kids and Ladyhawke which you can download as a PDF at their site:

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Unknown said...

You look gorgeous!