Monday, 8 December 2008

Monday 7th Dec: The Cloud That Was Europe

Photographer Anna Leader has just re-launched her portfolio online by adding new work and redesigning her website with Luke Tarpey. Anna left London for the the Italian Swiss mountains in 2005 and has been snapping her way round Europe ever since. I am a staunch fan of her mesmeric portraiture but here is a new crop of breathtaking landscape work which I'm sure Anna wasn't expecting herself! These works have been exhibited in Berlin, Zurich, Rome, Barcelona.........not bad going Miss Leader!
By navigating your way through the archive you can see her range of fashion, still-life, interior and an impressive menu of film still (more of which I will touch on later). Her catalog of commission work is an multicultural melt pot of experiences from Social Enterprise in Brixton to the deepest depths of the Congo with Oxfam. ......................

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