Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Weds 10th Dec: Headcases

I am currently at the V&A doing research, the place is so big it needs a few days to get round. (Can I just interject here that it is really the best place in London). So where was I? Aha. I actually needed a paper bag to stop myself from hyperventilating when I read through the new brochure of activities. With the onset of the Stephen Jones Hat exhibition (Feb) there is a comprehensive list of seminars, demonstrations, short courses..............everything from a political debate with Vivienne Westwood to a class on the craft of feather trim! For any other mad-hatters out there, have a look, the V&A are doing us proud!

Here is a photo from the new fashion story on website 156 which is dedicated as "The Headpieces Issue" with other designs from the likes of Jeffrey Portman and House Of Flora (No prizes for guessing whose this is, sorry to repeat myself but I really like this new shot, thank you to 156!)

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