Monday, 3 August 2009

Mon 3rd August: A bit more Blame

Last year I asked Christopher Shannon to send me a photo of his inspiration wall for a blog post on  He kindly obliged on the condition that it was a swapsy.  I would have to contribute something to his space.  Being the prompt person that I am, it has only taken 2 seasons to get round to it!  Here is the rocket which was originally made for a British Vogue shoot but never used..................but has more recently been flown to NYC for a Japanese fingers crossed it may get its moment of glory.  But even if not, its having fun jazzing up Shannon's gallery, sitting atop an Emin bow and a Blame bag.  Chris and Judy once collaborated on some T-Shirt designs which you can see at his site.  Congratulations Chris on gaining a place showing with MAN again this season.................can't wait to see .............!

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