Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Tues 4th Aug: Anna Trevelyan Interview

When stylist Anna Trevelyan got in touch to interview me for her blog I thought it would be a great opportunity to do a 2 way interrogation.  Anna likes to change the format of each profile that she does ............hand written scans or videos............so I suggested that we do a Gillian Wearing inspired set of answers.  Once I received her questions, I set about photographing the responses in site specific destinations.  This involved my mum snapping me in the fountain at Somerset House, Camille shooting me downstairs in Flashback record shop, stopping Alex working and getting her to pose with a the skull she was styling.  All of it was hilarious and took a bloody long time to compile.  I also regularly kicked myself as I kept missing genius opportunities on a daily basis when I would find myself somewhere bizarre but without paper and pen...........or simply forget when i was having too much fun.  Anna too hasn't been able to do a portrait for each one because of her hectic schedule as Nicola Formichetti's assistant..............which you'll find a little bit about if you read below.
To read my answers over at her fantastic blog, head to:  http://annatrevelyan.blogspot.com 
(you need to skip the content warning..........don't worry its all clean)
 1:  Favourite / most inspiring fashion shoot ever?

2:  Favourite Heroine & "look" from a film?

Dress by Lello Ascione, Watch by G Shock (courtesy of Jaiden Rva JAmes) Minx Nails by Teres Smith @ Jed Root

3:  Favourite item that you have ever called in for a shoot?
4:  Favourite outfit / item from your childhood?
Tights by Celestine Stein, Shoes by Vivienne Westwood
5:  Favourite combination of tune, dj, dancefloor & dance partner?

6:  Favourite fashion party memory / moment?

7:  Favourite Music Video & why?

8:  Favourite place to buy your accessories?
Dress by Jean Charles de Castelbajac
9:  Favourite thing Nicola Formichetti has taught you / introduced you to?

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Chris Beaumont said...

Such a clever interview idea :) I love it.