Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Weds 5th Aug: Neel's World

Neel Morley is one of life's refreshing, reliable, resilient and relentless joys.  His laugh is just one of the things that hooks you straight in to this talent.  The other thing is that every day of his life is living and breathing art..........and it is all meticulously catalogued in beautiful hand written and decorated diary's.   I first met Neel when he was working on photo-booth portraits with ingenious sets, costumes and makeup..............and casting or more accurately - coercing!.........(you can see our Rainbow Brite theme at the bottom).  Now that 4 shot photo-booths have been phased out, Neel has switched his energies to photoshoots in far flung destinations.  He picks one of the Worlds wonders and dresses accordingly........this has meant schlepping mummies outfits to Egypt and the next is the Great Wall of China (for which you can see my invitation above).
Whilst he is in Brighton saving up funds for the adventures, he fuels the creative fire with other projects.  This weekend was Pride and Neel took the theme from the Carousel on the beach for the LGBT Switchboard float "Life's Ups & Downs".   Although its been a big venture to organise all the components, Neel has still found time to make costumes for the music festivals this year e.g  SGP star below...........If you see him at more festivals please say hello and your weekend will suddenly improve by 101%.......................  

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lovely snaps, you're blog is absolutely smashing!