Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Tues 29th Sept: Its Nice That Issue 2

Here it is, the hotly anticipated 2nd Issue of the hard copy delectable delight published by "Its Nice That".  I am truly honoured and wonderfully chuffed to have been a contributor, invited to write a feature.  I have got to share a special story with the world and discover a passion for writing!   It was so exciting receiving the package in the post that I photographed each stage.......including unveiling the exclusive Rob Ryan print which is so cute (read it by zooming in)!  I have only had time to give it a quick initial browse but on this preliminary inspection it looks exactly like the masterful melting pot of ideas and inspirations that I was expecting.  I read a little snippet from a match box collector who begins describing his passion for accumulating and by the end denys all knowledge so that he doesn't shoot himself in the foot by giving the ebay game away...........
............So the content is all beautiful to look at and I'm guessing the written criteria is a blend of new discovery and humour...........true to everything that is nice and the mantra of Its Nice That.

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