Friday, 2 October 2009

Fri 2nd Oct: Visit SHOWstudio live shoot today

Here is a snap of a fine looking fellow named Tafari Hinds on the telephone.  I took this at the private view of the SHOWstudio retrospective that opened at Somerset House during LFW.  This particular set was a reenactment of the original "Sittings: Thirty Men" from March 2005 when Simon Foxton styled a different model each day for the entire month.   BUT by no means was it an exclusive viewing.  SHOWstudio are a democratic and altruistic bunch so there are more opportunities lined up for everyone to see similar happenings first hand.  Commencing right now until 21:00 tonight, Nick Knight and Simon Foxton will be undertaking a live shoot to wrap up their VMan model search project.  The final winner is going to be shot at the Live Studio Space and the whole process can be viewed through a two-way mirror within the exhibition.  If I wasn't folding origami at my desk (for a change!) I know where I would be today..........but I think that it will be broadcast live online during the day so for others like myself, we are not totally missing out:

Just to clarify here, this portrait is of Tafari and not Mr. Foxton himself ...........just incase anyone is still in a state of confusion after his hilarious prank from the SHOWstudio "Fashion DJs" radio day........

Infact, doing a bit of research for this post I have discovered that Tafari is the son of Horace Andy: 

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