Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Weds30th Sept: Its Time To CAT PARTY

Yes my furry friends, here is an introduction to another prestigious blog I contribute to.  Its a space dedicated to CATS and there are strict rules to abide by  

1. Try to keep the photos just of cats... humans and other animals are cool, but only if they really help the picture.  

2. Try and post original photos only (ie: your own), unless its an absolute corker.

3. Under NO circumstance can you use that stoopid cutey wooty wighting in your posts (any attempt to post "lol cats" esque sloganeering will result in an immediate life time ban from Cat Party).

4. NO dogs allowed.

This is serious stuff!  Occasionally there are contentious incidents of controversy but this is dealt with kitten gloves by the head honchos of the moggy possy.  The official administrator of Cat Party has opened the invitation to welcome more contributors and followers.  There is even a facebook and twitter dedicated to the cause.  If you are a cataholic and have some cute photos to share with the world then let me know and I can pass on your deats.

(Here is a previous post of mine - Plummy who nests with ThreeAsFOUR in Chinatown, NYC)

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rachel gilman said...

i had dinner recently and powder was next to me, walking around, at bar pitti. i loved that paper mag shot awhile ago where your friends put makeup on her face....