Monday, 26 April 2010

Mon 26th April: Grace, LOVE YOU TO LIFE

I live for Grace.
So when Emma Roach hinted at undertaking the set design for a shoot with the Queen, I insisted on updates.........which resulted on a midnight text message report that the diva had just gone into makeup......what else should one expect?! LOVE IT
I also made presumptuous pleas of promise for snapshots from the experience to share on here but understandably Emma was a) more focused on the job at hand and b) too scared.............natch!

"Well the images they used didn't show a lot of set... but I don't care so much as I MET GRACE JONES!!!!!!!

The shoot was a for an article based on her current workings with Chris Levine..

"Now she is working with Chris Levine, another artist straddling sculpture and photography. In the corner of the room is a huge multicoloured image of Jones with her eyes shut. Stand at different distances and angles, and the image changes. This 3D photograph, made up of 30 images of Jones hit by lasers, has the wizardry of a hologram and the humanity of a classic portrait – Madame Tussauds meets Irving Penn."

I didn't take any pics on my phone too scared, apart form this one which was a shot of one of the 3D photographs."

If you are in London, you can see these artworks for yourself as they will be on show from the end of the month at The Vinyl Factory. I was lucky enough to be in the audience of her Royal Albert Hall concert tonight to witness the crystal outfit flooded with cosmic laser beams. I don't really need to go into explanation here.............I think anyone can picture my ridiculous smile and continual pointing at each outfit as it appeared on stage "Its Grace"........just for the benefit of anyone that may not have noticed.......

......full report to follow but for now, one of her best one-liners of the night was "don't die for the one you for the one you love ........then you can demolish them and ravish them".........

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