Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sunday 25th April: The Knocking Shop Launch

Here are Sarah Barrow and Cilla Zack - the official presenters of new televisual delight "The Knocking Shop".  Despite being named after the colloquial term for a brothel, the production is actually filmed at The Stags Head public house, where the launch was held last evening.  Friends of the crew and band members featured in the first installment gathered round a preview projection of the premiere episode.  I got a good dose of doctor's orders as I cried tears of hysteria at the interviews and features squashed into this multifaceted chat show pilot.  
"An Englishman, An Irishman and a Scotsman walk into a pub - have you ever seen  Karate Kid?" is set to unsettle a guest with dry delivery from  the hostess with the mostess Sarah.  This line is handled and answered with ease by the savvy cocknbullkid.................whilst like a lamb to the slaughter, the lead from Danimal Kingdom squirms nervously to probes Q:"Whats your favourite colour?"  A: "Red"  Q:  "Is that because its the colour of my lipstick?"
Stay glued to your sets like MikeTV, as this brilliantly executed and edited new concept from Danny Sangra and Ollie Evans may be hitting the Radio Times hit list anytime soon........

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