Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Weds 28th April: Its Grace!

"Drag me across the floor"

When Grace wasn't spellbinding the audience with her incredible crystal costumes and unbelievable body..........she was creasing spectators up with her banter.  Too many anecdotes to try and remember but there was some mention of how she was the only other royalty to come to The Albert Hall other than the actual royal family!  When she introduced her son on drums in the background, I realised that a few songs previously she had a completely open back dress whilst recounting stories of doing cocaine in toilets.......midst supping an entire glass of wine thru a straw in one go, announcing not to worry as there was a whole bottle backstage.  As she is exactly the same age as my own mother this did only add to my complete incomprehension of this bionic lady............(no offence mum, you rule too obvs).  Her booty shaking in a micro mini grass skirt for "My Jamaican Guy" would and should make Rhianna wince.  Grace is undoubtedly the ORIGINAL and the BEST.  All hail Queen Grace.  Miss Jones.

Thanks to Rosy Nicholas for the pics who sent the accompanying message
"im still buzzing off how amazing that woman is.
the lesson i learnt last nite is, sex it up to the max. forever. i am a woman. get over here!!"


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