Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Tue 27th April: Patternity Launch : A Tapestry Of Dalston

Art Director Anna Murray and Textiles Designer Grace Winteringham a.k.a Patternity have curated their first show "A Tapestry of Dalston".  The girls set up the company to search out and celebrate pattern hidden in everyday instances from the mundane to the magnificent.  To bottle this formula in an essence for an exhibition they invited artists local to thier own practise to reference the area's sights to design a screenprint.   The result is 12 works by 12 designers to represent the 12 months of life in Dalston and its multilayered fascinating contradictory landscape and life.  Continuing the theme, the private view was lit with black-light taking the Eastend's omnipresent shop facade flickers inside.  In this way, simple black and white optical arrangements looked like they were actually mounted on light boxes.  I was VERY IMPRESSED!
I was also instructed to wear a white bra for the event.  In utter obstinance I dug out my only flesh colour bra but I did represent by also digging out a whole look of Bridget Riley type bonkers bold patterns.  I was right at home in this UV environment.............instantly taken straight back to memories of the cosmic carpet in "Zeus" nightclub in Chelmsford..........(all Essex girls know what Im on about here).   I even got my hand stamped with a day-glo logo!  (see top two images  - all photos c/o Rory DCS)

The show is on until the 4th May at Bootstrap in Dalston with the limited edition prints going for £90 unframed by artists Inventory Studio, Jake Blanchard, Colin Henderson, Audrey Roger, Karrolina Kling, Marcus Oakley, Melvin Galapon, Jann Brien, Dan Has Potential, James Dawe and Louise Nowell.

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