Thursday, 29 April 2010

Thurs 29th April: JCDC takes over Selfridges

Last night Rosy and I made our final voyage to the nocturnal rearranging antics at Selfridges Wonder Room windows.  We rounded up our birds and nests from the deinstall of my "Metropolis Ridiculous" scheme which could well have been a sad affair if it wasn't for the fact that my successor was one of my absolute heroes.  Selfridges have given over thier West Wing windows to another 6 week dose of physcadelia in the form of a rainbow invasion from the Parisian prince of pop art dress.  A UFO has crash landed from Planet JCDC with 5 windows of mannequins dressed in his primary colour shifts and shark high heel shoes.  There is even the jewel encrusted suit recognisable from Beyonce's wardrobe in Gaga's Telephone video.
Like ships that pass in the night we unfortunately missed each other so I couldn't snap the man in action setting up his flying saucer for "Encounter of the 5th Kind".  But luckily I have got these brilliant portraits from Annie Collinge who shot him earlier in the day at his flagship store amongst the shop fittings.  (She instinctively sent them to me without even knowing about the windows "Just shot JCDC today, somehow I felt like you two might get on... hmmmm.... Ax")  The same cloud wallpaper has been pasted in the Selfridges windows.............. ah, I LOVE IT!  
As you may or may not already know, the event of JCDC taking over Selfridges with this paranormal activity has been dedicated to his friend Malcolm McLaren who he has sited as an alien on earth like eternal child........

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Anonymous said...

JCDC is a legend, and I love the Selfridges window display!
On the back of his Lego-inspired watches last year, he's created a UFO watch to go with the alienation theme... sleek yet fun design, and even better in the flesh with light and sound like a cute space ship on your wrist... buy them on line at Watch Me Go.