Friday, 4 June 2010

Friday 4th June: Peter Jensen vs. Bernstock Speirs

Skee-lo once said "I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat, And a six four Impala"
Well, I can't magic up a Chevy for you but I can pull a rabbit out of the hat to tip you off about Peter's Rabbit-in-a-hat print for his new limited edition t-shirt.............and also literally a hat (baseball cap) with bunny ears on! Its a collaboration with Bernstock Speirs who have been creating Peter's millinery since S/S 08. They have transformed their own space into a Peter Jensen emporium with the capsule collection on display and framed editorial tear sheets of past seasons pieces. I never knew this place existed so I was thrilled to discover it with their studio out the back ! The team have worked from this HQ for the last 25 years since they set up after meeting whilst studying Fashion Textiles at Middlesex University..................but only turned the 1st floor into a shop in recent years since Tatty Devine moved in next door. In addition to teaming up with Peter, Bernstock Speirs have also worked with Richard Nicoll, Emma Cook, Unconditional, Agnes B and Jean-Paul Gaultier.
The collection will be on show here along with the whole Peter Jensen s/s10 t-shirt range for the duration of June........... and a 20% discount if you whisper the word " Rabbit ".

(I missed taking a photo of guest Julie Verhoeven who looked amazing with a split level hair style died in vivid orange for the wedge and pungent pink for the shaved sides...........which was blended into her rouge with the same pink hue makeup running from the hairline across her cheek bones.........BRILLIANT! I also missed papping Jeff Banks walking down Brick Lane on his way, wearing a great white baker boy flat cap...........)

Peter Jensen Tee Shop
234 Brick Lane, London E2 7EB


Maggie said...

I do want those baseball caps, even though I don't wear baseball caps, heh.


That hair style sounds amazing, perhaps you should draw it?!