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Weds 2nd June: Jason Evans "The Daily Nice Takeaway" Feature

“The Daily Nice Takeaway” by Jason Evans

(originally posted during my blog residency over on FASHION 156............therefore the exhibition is now over, sorry folks! But I would like to find out where some of it has ended on to see what I mean)

For one week Jason Evans has set up a physical version of his online phenomenon “The Daily Nice”………..its called “The Daily Nice Takeaway”……because its an exercise in literally being able to take the art away with you for your own bite of the action.
For those of you already in the know, “The Daily Nice” is a place where Jason posts a new photo each day, which he selects for its own happy merry-making merit. The image only exists for a day metamorphosing into a brand new picture for the next 24 hours.
To translate this notion into an exhibition, a selection from the back catalogue of shots have been printed up and stacked up in one neat heap. Therefore the only photograph on show will be the one on top, until you - the participant lifts this to reveal the successor. On the wall is a slogan PLEASE HELP YOURSELF . The idea is that you will take this print with you and place it in your own chosen site-specific space……………..extending the exhibit to unknown territory. It’s the easiest (and controversial) of things to borrow (sic. Steal) an image from a website by clicking and dragging the file onto your desktop……………….now here is a bank of brilliant photography to literally lift and put wherever you want. Its ok, you have Jason’s permission to “download”! Infact, run wild with your Evans original for this is the point!

I have asked Jason a few questions which are related to the theme but also mildly tenuous……….but I think that’s the most interesting way to conduct a “Question-air” (Jason’s term)

1) What’s your fave way to get a daily dose of news / current affairs?

Going outside

2) What’s your preferred takeaway meal?


3) I believe there is a new era "Blind Date" TV program called "Saturday Night Take Away". Who would you like to take out?

The inmates at Guantanamo

4) How often do you change the inspiration imagery, or work in progress around your workspace? (I know the Itchy Scratchy exhibition in Brighton was about having images in your eyeline on an everyday basis, and how that changes your relationship to them.)

I tend not to have pictures on the walls where I work. I do, however have a lot of objects. Currently small boxes and glass things.

5) Do your pictures, particularly from the New Scent series, as well as the daily nice, ever make you literally 'LOL', laugh out loud?

I usually LOL at those emails of cats or dogs with dumb subtitles.
I don't laugh with my pictures but sometimes I feel warm inside

(Last 2 questions there are from Amy Gwatkin) {thanks amy!}

Here are some pictures that Jason has sent me of the install, the opening, himself and the curator Ben Burbridge – seen here against giant barley.

“The lady with the tattoo gun is Franzi Nast who gave me a tattoo at the end of the evening, the socks/red string installation is by Axel Loytved who has a lovely one man show at the Kunsthaus, the daily nice Nike dunks are from Nike id when you could still put the word 'nice' on your shows (not any more).

'daily nice take away' at the (Zehr Super) Kunsthaus in Essen:
NEXT / 1, a platform for photography exhibitions, discussions and conferences hosted at venues across Germany’s Ruhr Valley throughout May

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