Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Tues 1st June: Our new neighbour Gary Card

Here is some card and a boy named Gary. More accurately infact its Gary Card.
The other week I cycled across Hackney to see "Gavin Watson - Raving'89" at Space Studios (that's a photography installation, not an actual person dancing). I bumped into Gary viewing studio spaces so I slipped him the number of our new abode and before I knew it he was in the building. Yay, its a commune in the making! I'm bringing 1960's San Francisco cooperative living all the way back to a dog-leg in Dalston.
Here is just a glimpse at the white canvas space before it becomes his new established HQ. Check back soon for an update and report once his paint pots and and masking tape monsters have moved in and taken over ........

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