Friday, 25 September 2009

Fri 25th Sept: House Of Cards Part 2 - Lacey

One of my favourite works on show is Lacey's interpretation of the 5 of Clubs so I got in touch with her earlier to find out more.  Lacey has kindly sent over  the final shot and some close up pictures from the shoot.
Lacey worked with Hana Al Sayed to make a giant playing card that was 12ft high and used 2000 post it notes to construct the face.  Sometimes I think that I am mental with the attention to detail I go to, but its evident that this is just what you have to do to create a slick still life.  You can just about see the spool of thread here which they must have used to grid out a net to stick the post-its.........congrats!  I don't envy the headache that must have afflicted in lining it all up straight........
..........but well worth the time to contribute to the cause.  The concept for the "House of Cards" project was conjured up by Leo Burnett London to raise awareness of the housing problem in the UK.  65,000 families will lose their home this year alone.  
If you would like to bid for Lacey's print or any of the other 52 artist's work on display (inc. Damien Hirst) get in touch before the auction on Monday 28th.  Jo @ Shelter 08445152086

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