Sunday, 20 September 2009

Saturday 19th September - Naomi at Danielle Scutt

Down at the Topshop venue in NW1, I watched an emphatically feminine vision of SS 10 courtesy of Danielle Scutt.

With a colour palette comprising lots of pink and yellow mixed in with black, white and brown, the collection catered well for lovers of polka dots. Also remarkable were a huge array of ruffles in every permutation imaginable; flamenco-style on skirts, vertical on sleeves, in triangular ‘napkins’ on dress bodices and on oversized shawls worn around the neck.

Particularly eye catching was the hair styling, perched as it was in stacks of pom-pom like buns atop each head, balancing out the super-short skirted silhouettes.

I also happened upon Fred’s studio mate Andy Macgregor, who was calmly sketching away during the show, on a commission to provide today’s illustration in the LFW’s The Daily, essential and entertaining queue-reading for every fashionista in town.

Naomi Attwood

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