Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Tuesday 22nd Guest Post - Naomi at Basso & Brooke

Basso & Brooke – The Print Princes

Digital printing has been a massively under-documented, but hugely important recent textiles development. And the people who have taken this technology and consistently pushed its possibilities to the limits are Bruno Basso and Chris Brooke.

Previous floral and geometric themes had this season given way to a more wibbly wobbly abstraction, sometime mixing the colours in such as way as to resemble oil on water. The colour palette was jewel bright, with amazing sapphires and electric blues dominating some outfits, while others included the entire rainbow spectrum.

Their S/S10 collection kept silhouettes pared down to mini dresses,

. . . narrow full length dresses . . .

. . .Slim suits. (That single breasted jacket which refuses to go away this season) . . .

and a few great half-moon trousered jumpsuits.

Phew! That was breathtaking, and very very nice indeed to end my LFW on a high.

I’m off home to peel my high heels from my weary feet now. It’s been a Fashion Week experience par excellence. Ciao Bella!

Naomi Attwood

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