Thursday, 25 February 2010

Fri 26th Feb: On a NOKI tip @ SHOWstudio SHOP

Whilst we're at it, here is another phone pic pinged to me by NOKI last week when he had just installed one of his hats at SHOWstudio.  The new exhibition in the SHOP is "Headress" which features work by a few of the capital's best milliners for a moth - Nasir Mazhar, Charlie Le Mindu, Stephen Jones and Jordan Askill.  Here is the NOKI creation "Pinkpin-Punkpinhead" from its initial incarnation as modelled by Judy Blame in i-D, shot by Tyrone Le Bon..........surely this entry wins on its name alone!   Genius!!  However if you are a Gaga fan, click over to check out a couple of her iconic headpieces up for grabs............

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