Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sun 21st Feb: Crystals 'n' tings

Here is the original post that I wrote for the London Fashion Week Daily Blog which I just have to wait 24hrs to reproduce so please pretend its late Friday night when you read it! 

"So here I am tapping away, having sped home Annika-Rice-style to write up the Swarovski/VOLT/FTAPE event before my blogging carriage turns back into a pumpkin.  Its been a long day but incomparably epic, in comparison to some of my other friends who attended.  Both Hannah Marshall and Gemma Slack had their presentations earlier but still looked suitably spectacular, shimmering under the jewell encrusted lights.  Craig Lawrence also pitched up after previewing his new glistening metallic knits at a film screening within the vaults of Somerset House.  8 designers trademark techniques had been individually implemented into artworks using Swarovski components on large-scale Volt magazine covers.  Each statement piece contrasted the others in harmony with carefully conceived and arranged crystal constructions and constellations.  The roster of contributors had been equally curated with considered choice to bring together and support emerging names in London's clique.  Volt’s driving force is to unearth genuine talent on the cusp of recognition and is disinterested in the current climate of fame focused fashion features.  In the same vein the private view was patronized by freinds and faithfull followers such as stylist Kim Howells, designer NOKI and musician ROWDY SUPERST*R. However, don’t let my pap of Little Boots throw you off scent……..she was about to pull a secret-squirrel Superman stunt, and change into a ladybug fancy dress costume to dj at a friend's animal theme party in the East End’s Shacklewell Arms…… doesn’t get a lot more real than that!  Bless London, bless Bootsie."

(top to bottom: Hannah Marshall/Kim Howells/NOKI/Rowdysuperst*r, Little Boots, Craig Lawrence & Liz, Gemma Slack & jeweller Katie Rowland, Katie Eary in her own design, artwork by me & Hannah Marshall)

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