Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Weds 24th Feb: Craig Lawrence

Whilst creating a one-off metallic stage piece for Skin (Skunk Anansie) Craig went on a dig for gold and unearthed shiny florist foil at a salvage yard in Suffolk.  He fell in love with this discovery, which allowed him to knit meteoric voluminous sculptural garments that moved with a Haley’s comet flash of light on stage.  As materials inform his design process, he continued to explore the medium for his A/W 10 collection.  To contrast the fun playful characteristic pieces there is also a section of stunningly slinky dresses.  These seductive second skins were devised in questioning the sinister side of “dress up” and the connotations of  a child unwittingly donning a crown. Images of Max from “Where The Wild Things Are” were referenced as Craig himself was often found adorned with a self-styled tea towel as a toddler. A family photo of him in his mum’s C&A long floral dress triggered off the instinct to go to maxi length this season.   The statuesque demeanour of standing tall in regalia came from images of Elizabeth I in the Golden Age.  ……….and the whole theme gelled. 

Japanese metallic bound cotton was knitted into loops to create a fur pile texture.  The panels were seamed together with lacing the loops and once again the notion of a “fully fashioned” garment was turned on its head.  Craig collaborated with partner in crime Holly Giselle Hilden and their favourite invention is coined the “cheek peeker”.  This showstopper neatly exposes the female form and encapsulates the vision of their strong and sassy customer…………perhaps a nod to Tilda Swinton who once featured in an iconic image for the brand.


Watch his New Gen film directed by Mel Bles and styled by Katie Shillingford here:

Craig Lawrence Fashion Film from AnOther Magazine on Vimeo.

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Josh Carroll said...

You fell in love with this collection too, huh? I stood there staring for ages at this collection. SOOOO beautiful.