Friday, 17 September 2010

Friday 17th Sept: Hannah Marshall bringing sexy back

Hannah Marshall is bringing sexy back - literally - with a sheer panel cut through the back of a blazer. The front was equally revealed with transparent shirts and figure hugging mesh dresses as if answering "LOVE" magazine's ode to the beauty of boobs. Staggered stiff suede fins jutted out from ivory, beige, grey and mint seperates and fluid organza frills billowed behind structured straps. Its distinctively empowering Marshall encasing tailoring but bending slightly to a softer feminine side. The secret was unlocked in an opening sequence by Rankin film with breasts laid bare, all but for a swathe of silk blowing across the muse's body.

(top to bottom: Miss Marshall, detail of blouse, runway, film, team Marshall in Marshall, supporters Judy Blame and NOKI rocking a Fear&Loathing look, front row honeys Paloma Faith Gemma Cairney Shingai Shinowa)

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Ah, Judy B is looking so gorgeous! Did he get in???