Monday, 13 September 2010

Mon 13th Sept: Patternity Print Tights

You may have noticed the first ever "advert" featured on my blog last week for the Patternity Tights. The post was not for financial gain but purely becasue Im so passionate about this business. Not only is their resource of online pattern obsessed imagery like porn for the the graphic eye but the business is extending into exhibitions and its own shop! If you havn't checked out the image bank of stripes, checks, polkadots, zig-zags and optical illusions - DO IT NOW!
As a pay off for my brazen pimping of Patternity across the net, the girls have gifted me a pair of the tights! Woopedy doo, Im sorted for fashion week (especially with this rainbow body that came as a Brucey bonus in the parcel!). The limited edition run of 1000 tights are all screen printed by hand and here are some snaps from the process. Here is also a straight-up shot of Anna from her visit - wearing HOH vs. Pretty Polly alphabet patterned tights which made me think that perhaps Patternity should be the next collab that Pretty Polly tap up! Now there's an idea..........

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