Monday, 27 December 2010

Mon 27th Dec: A Teddy for Albert-teeny-tiny-baby

Apologies for my absence from blogging.
This is a first!
When I disappear for a week in the Summer, I always have a strategy in place to keep up to date with daily posts.
However, in the last week Ive been under the spell of the flu and not in the frame of mind to be sharing my thoughts with the world. So sorry! I'll be back now........

Inbetween sniffling and feeling sorry for myself I did however rustle up a 1st birthday present for my youngest nephew Albert. The poor little sausage was born on the 23rd Dec so his birthday will always coincide with festive celebrations. This is an attempt to make him feel a bit special and not overshadowed by the birthday of baby Jesus!

You can read more about the cushion off-cut patchwork teddy over on the Christmas content at i-D online along with other contributions from Louise Gray, Hannah Marshall, Jaguar Shoes and Alexis Knox.

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