Friday, 31 December 2010

Sat 1st Jan 2011: 2010 Guest Review >>>>>>>>>>>> Fiona Leahy

FB: What garment or accessory did you most enjoy wearing in 2010 and what was the best occasion and why?

FL: "I got a vintage Balenciaga red evening dress from a local store in Kensal Rise Lalli boutique. The owner Nelli told me her mother used to do her gardening in the dress. I love that sort of downbeat decadence. A glamorous dress should be visually interesting but comfortable. I love the idea of someone picking courgettes in the morning and sipping martinis in the evening ... all seamlessly in the same dress.
I have worn it to three weddings this year and on Christmas day in LA ( pictured) my most glamorous friend has a scarlet dressing room in which I found a scarlet fox ( which I put on my head) The dress was at home . Simply red"

Fiona Leahy Design

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Amazing. I know that shop! x