Friday, 31 December 2010

Sat 1st Jan 2011: 2010 Guest Review >>>>>>>>>>>> Lynn Cockburn, AMS

FB: What garment or accessory did you most enjoy wearing in 2010 and what was the best occasion and why?

LC: "My key imperial overalls i bought at portobello market - i went looking for some dungarees and as luck struck i found a perfect pair in my size...the first time i wore them was to the hot rod hayride festival - it was my third year in a row going - i love the weekend - any weekend where you can play 1950's housewives, are surrounded by pre 1966 American classic cars and bikes, jive all night whilst dreaming of riding the wall of death and waking up in the morning to an Irish coffee..perfect. plus you don't need to take a bag as the bib pockets hold everything you need - beer money and a lipstick."

HAPPY NEW YEAR! This one is gonna be ace.

Lynn Cockburn, AMS

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