Saturday, 1 January 2011

Sun 2nd Jan 2011 Guest Review >>>>>>>>>>>>> Neel Morley

i have been writing up my synopsis of 2010...

It will sound very gay but Kylie's all the lovers was my favourite song of 2010( I would sit in Internet shops watching it over and over) and the music from the Indian film called my name is kahn as everybody in India knew the words from the rick-shaw drivers to the people in rural fills me full of joy when i hear it.

My favourite outfit has to be my amazing jacket that lights up...its incredible.
Its hard to choose just one thing. I had made an orange ali baba costume to wear in the blue city and i love wearing it.
Halloween is always my favourite day of the year but the colour festival called the holi festival in India was mind blowingly good fun too.

I have learnt this year that I like challenging myself regardless of the consequences. 2010 was a year of challenging emotions......from volunteering at an orphanage/and starting from scratch all over again in a new country.
I loved this quote about about not having the best of everything but making the most of everything that you have. I totally agree. You can't look forward without looking back.

Neel Morley

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