Thursday, 26 August 2010

Mon 30th Aug: SHOWstudio "The Fashion Body" by Elisha Smith Leverock

Fred Butler - Nape Of The Neck for from Elisha Smith-Leverock on Vimeo.

Today is the unvieling of "The Fashion Body" film that I made with Elisha Smith Leverock & Kim Howells for SHOWstudio............... see here.
To explain more in detail, here is the original post I wrote about the project last year (with an edited version of images - to see more, click here)

"I was over the moon when SHOWstudio commissioned me to make a film for their "Fashion Body" installation at the Fashion Revolution exhibition at Somerset House. Aprox 36 artists were asked to make a film based on an assigned section of the body to be put together for the resulting artwork. I had heard that NOKI had been given the knee (Peter Jensen the other knee) and I wondered who else had been designated .............rumours were rife with this highly secret opperation. Through strange and magic hapestance I was asked to focus on the "nape of the neck".........HELLO! That is coincidentally my one fetish! I love a defined arched hair line which makes a heart shape in the negative space on the neck. That's always the deal breaker for me on finding someone me a weirdo, but if there aint a heart, its a no-go! SO it was heaven to have this part of the anatomy to concentrate on for the film. As I am a frustrated makeup artist, I decided to highlight this heart by making makeup from the sequins I devised for my Heliocentric Electric collection. With my fave crew on board (Elisha and Kim) we worked out how to film through a lens to get a spectrum flair and make the whole thing rainbowtastic. Here is an initial test shot where Elisha tried shooting through different objects. On the day she turned up with a cut glass ashtray from a £1 Shop en route to the studio and that did the job perfectly - Genius!!!!!! Yin Lee had fun turning my muses Callum and Jessica into glittering Greek Gods and the outcome is a rather steamy affair..........although I hadn't intended it to be!"

Director - Elisha Smith- Leverock, DOP - Marcus Domleo, Stylist - Kim Howells, Hair - Cyndia Harvey using Bumble and Bumble , Makeup - Yin Lee at Premier, Models - Callum Turner at Models 1 and Jessica at Union, Camera assistant - Sam Widdows

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