Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Thurs 26th Aug: Moments & Mementos - Noel Stewart

"This is a souvenir from my last catwalk show "Something to do with Spring" which was held in the Chanticleer Theatre. The theatre was due to be demolished the next day so we transformed it with the colours from the collection and made it into the perfect setting for the hats. The hair and makeup teams were in heaven as we had a full backstage set up waiting for them (unusual luxury for an off schedule show, the previous season we had a closet and a staircase) . For a couple of days we had this magic space to ourselves and when it came to the show we felt like we were having it in our new home. Because the place was abandoned there were old props all over the place and I took a shine to this bacon. I love bacon and its so beautifully and simply made. It makes me think of how fun the show was and It cheers me up everytime i see it ."

Noel Stewart

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