Thursday, 26 August 2010

Sun 29th Aug: Moments & Mementos - Harriet Vine, Tatty Devine

"The first is a picture of a few of my giant things. I love scale, or more precisely things out of scale. This giant biscuit is from a flea market in Paris which I diligently dragged back on the Eurostar without breaking its lovely shiny ceramic-ness. The biscuit measures about 40cm across and sits on my table and I love it everyday. I also have far too many giant clothes pegs. I think they are really meant to be paper weights, but I wear them as brooches. Also in the picture is a massive spanner which lives in my kitchen. I also have a large lump of dairy milk chocolate for a coffee table and a fruit bowl that is a massive plastic mussel shell.

The second is a burger necklace that my friend Paul made me, it hangs behind me in my studio and it combines my favourite things - chips, knitting, and necklaces. I also love these finger hooks and would have them everywhere if I could.

The last picture is of life size dolls of Rosie and I that our dear friend Rachel Matthews made of us. They used to watch over our Soho shop, then when we opened Covent Garden they came to live in the studio with us. They were made in such an exciting time when we were all starting out and they sit up on top of a shelf, shining out all those memories. These would be my desert island disc that I would save if the waves washed all these other things away."

Harriet Vine,
Tatty Devine

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supermarket sarah said...

Nice one Harriet! I'm a big fan of oversize objects and also miniature objects! There's an Alice in Wonderland fascination in it some how! xSupermarket Sarah