Thursday, 26 August 2010

Sat 28th August: Moments & Mementos - Christos Tolera

"My pallette has accompanied me through the seemingly endless personal struggles that come with painting and is in itself a historical document as well as a record of its own making. It has been with me for over twenty years. It is lovely to hold, perfectly balanced and fits like a perfectly proportioned lover.
Kamera, 'A monthly magazine, portraying the beauty of the feminine figure,' is something i look at when i'm not painting.

Christos Tolera

To see a commentry from the man himself, here is a clip of Christos at the Goodwood Vintage Festival last weekend, shot by Tom Stubbs

80's style icon Christos Tolera explains his look and romantic vintage attitude from Tom Stubbs on Vimeo.


Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Fred, I love Christos. Great quote. Here's a very in depth interview I did with him a little while ago. You might need a couple of cups of tea to get through it.

Have a brilliant weekend xx

fredbutlerstyle said...

Thank you Christina! Looks ace!

Im going to put the kettle on .......