Sunday, 22 August 2010

Sun 22nd Aug: Archive Piers Atkinson - The Story Behind The Hat

Since writing about some archive David Koma dresses last month, I thought it would be a nice regular feature to delve into the background of iconic pieces. To finish off my weekend of posts focusing on Dan Wilton's photography here are some recent shots of a Piers Atkinson archive soft-toy hat from his S/S 09 "All The World's A Stage". HOT!
I got in touch with Piers to find out a few snippets of sentimental sound bites from one of London's tip top hat designers........

Q: What was your favourite toy when you were a child?

A: I had a Snoopy which I loved and dragged around everywhere!

Q. What was the weirdest / most fun hat you wore when you were growing up?
(I used to put a pair of knickers on my head!)

A: Well my mum made hats for the English National Opera so we were always standing modelling them while Mum pinned bits on! She once made a hat for an alien in Dr Who which I thought was the most exciting thing EVER!!!

Q. If you were to hold a Mad Hatter's Tea Party, which 3 guests would you like to invite? (dead or alive)

A: My Grandma, as I'd love her to see what I am doing now. I miss her! Schiaparelli as she is so inspirational and she might commission me to do her AW11 show if she came back. Queen Elizabeth the First as it would be extraordinary to meet someone with absolute power and absolute belief in that power being due to her. What a state of being. It doesn't exist in the West today. We can't imagine it.

Q: What was your favourite hat in the Stephen Jones' anthology at the V&A and why?

A: Noel Stewart did a vast black plastic rose which was unbelievably beautiful, classic AND modern. Apart form that I just LOVE all of Stephen's hats!

Q. What can we get excited about seeing from you this season for S/S 10?

A: 24 carat gold, Paradise Found and florals!

Check out Dan's shoot here and another of Piers' archive pieces in motion on Paloma Faith from last week's brilliant episode of Shooting Stars here.

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