Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Tues 24th Aug: The Comet Song

Björk's 'The Comet Song' from the soundtrack 'The Moomins And The Comet Chase' film will be available to buy later today through i-tunes. It is a special release with all funds generated by the track being donated to UNICEF Pakistan children's charities. Not only is the combination of the mesmerising Moomins and enchanting chanteuse of Björk a magical alliance, but the outcome is going to work further magic!

For more information on how to watch the video and buy the single to boost the charities funds, check out the Moomins on Facebook here or Björk's own homepage here.

(I have very illegally ripped this image from the ether for which I can only apologise to the source but a) It is for a good cause b) I am excited because she chose to wear my rainbow accessories to the launch of the film which is marvellous as I make these things to be enjoyed and transmit positive energy when worn - so my subconscious spiritual scheme has been successful)

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